Electrochemical Fatigue Sensor

Fatigue cracks in shipping cranes installed in a port are propagated by the repeated operation of the crane over a long period of time. Fatigue cracking of the main jib, which subjected to severe vibration and fatigue can be both costly and fatal. The Electrochemical Fatigue Sensor (EFS) System is more effective than conventional inspection methods at detecting the fatigue cracks and, in the future, can be used to monitor the cranes for initiation and propagation of these cracks over the life of the structure.

Additionally, ships themselves are susceptible to fatigue cracking induced failures at highly constrained welded connections. The repetitive action of wave forces in combination with the corrosive environment, often leads to cracking at these susceptible locations. The development of a long life electrolyte will allow for immediate detection of crack initiation and propagation at these well known susceptible areas, allowing for immediate repair and retrofitting to avoid failure.