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Electrochemical Fatigue Sensor

Petrochemical-Offshore Oil Rigs

Fatigue cracking is a well-known problem in the operation of offshore structures. Due to the corrosive environment and the repetitive action of wave forces, fatigue cracks can develop at welded joints of steel tubular jackets. Considering the high cost of equipment failures in the field to operations and the environment, maintaining structural integrity for these structures is a priority in the petrochemical industry.

As such, fatigue cracks need to be discovered early to maintain structural integrity. Knowing the rate of propagation for these cracks can be crucial to ensuring in service safety. Several inspection methods are already available for locating and sizing fatigue cracks, however use of the Electrochemical Fatigue Sensor (EFS) System can find cracks before conventional NDT methods, such as eddy current, and can determine in service crack growth rates that can be critical in managing offshore structures. The financial implications of this kind of tool for the petrochemical industry are undeniable.

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