The old way of doing things – design and build our way out of the deterioration problems no longer works. Though replacement has its place, we must shift our focus to life extension of these structures. Through structural health monitoring, better inspection with advanced sensors, and calibrated modeling, limited funds can be stretched, the remaining life of the structure can be safely extended, and we can achieve more realistic load ratings, reducing retrofits. MFS has some of the most respected technical consultants in the fields of NDT, SHM, and fatigue and fracture. Our team stands ready to help you in a number of areas to achieve the most efficient asset management program with respect to monitoring and integrity testing.

Testing Scope Writing

Through working a goal-oriented process, we work backwards to craft a testing scope that results in usable and actionable information for each structure’s owner. MFS specializes in listening to the individual needs and concerns of each owner and then guiding them through the scoping process to ensure that service providers and technologies are brought to the project that help them make better management decisions. This allows for the right technology to be deployed at the right time. At MFS, we advocate a progressive diagnostics approach to all projects, using technology only when and where necessary to reach the pre-established end goals of the owner. Examples of end goals include: life extension, construction/rehab safety, impact damage mitigation, root cause analysis & remediation, structural model calibration, historic structural stability, fracture & failure avoidance

Technology Transfer

At MFS we have developed a process that significantly shortens the lead-time to commercialization in these industries through a very specific process, focusing on the attributes that owners need to see to be early adopters. If you have a technology that you believe will benefit these industries, let us know.

Technology Vetting

Owners overburdened with trying to do more with less don’t have the valuable resources they can allocate to researching and vetting technologies. Worse yet, some once promising technologies have failed to produce meaningful data over the years so owners sometimes feel sensors are a waste of funds. However, using the right technology at the right time leads to better asset management and more cost-effective decision-making.

Using a quality assurance based process, adapted from the NDT industry, MFS helps structure owners by vetting technologies. This may include meeting with salespeople as an owners rep, researching technical papers, contacting references, laboratory trials, field trials, and manufacturer audits.

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