Metal Fatigue Solutions, Inc.

Develops devices, instrumentation, processes and systems that indicate the true status of fatigue damage in a metal component. MFS’s Mission is to maximize the useful life and reduce maintenance costs of structural assets by providing accurate and forward-looking condition assessments through the development and implementation of advanced engineering solutions to be the technological leader and foremost resource in structural condition assessment with Monitoring, Assessment, and Predictive Analytics.

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Technology To Keep Civil & Industrial Infrastructure Safe

Metal Fatigue Solutions™

MFS technology is applicable to various market sectors, such as bridges and aerospace, as well as ships, cranes, railways, power plants, nuclear facilities, chemical plants, mining equipment, piping systems and “heavy iron”.

Fatigue Life Prediction

Electrochemical Fatigue Sensor™ (EFS)

Fatigue Fuse

Fatigue Fuse ™ (FF)

repair verification

RetroChek & CrackChek

structural health monitoring

FatigueWatch & SignWatch

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